Discipleship Classes (previously Adult Christian Education) are an essential part of the life of Princeton Community Church. The goal of this ministry is to build disciples for Christ (Matthew 28:18-20) and to prepare men and women for ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13). We aim to learn and grow deeper in our knowledge of scripture and how Christian faith meets contemporary life. We also want to grow together as a church community, discipling each other and being discipled. We hope you'll join us Sunday mornings at 9am as we wrestle with what it means to follow Jesus, together.

Child care is available for all classes. You can sign up by clicking on the link here.

upcoming classes

  • new years book club: c.S. Lewis' "the great divorce"

    January 8th & 15th | 9 AM

    Led By Ryan Cagno and Ian Graham

    Join Ryan Cagno and Ian Graham as they explore the major themes and certain key incidents in C.S. Lewis' classic parable about heaven and hell, "The Great Divorce." Copies of the book will be available at church starting Sunday December 11th for those interested in taking the class!

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  • modern slavery

    January 22nd | 9 AM

    Led by Nancy Pullen

    In preparation for our event on February 9th, "Human Trafficking 101", Nancy Pullen will be leading a one-week class exploring some of the realities of the modern-day slave trade, not just in our country and world but in our own backyard. Join us as we gather to learn and begin to pray through what God would have us do in response to this pressing issue.

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    January 29th-February 5th | 9 AM

    Led by Michael Mazuk

    For some of us, “worship” is a vibrant and meaningful part of life . For others, “worship” is the awkward singing we do to fill time during Sunday service. And for most of us, we’ve never really given it a second thought. In this two-week class, we will discuss the theological basis for worship: what it is, why we do what we do on Sunday mornings at PCC, and how worship might become an everyday practice for us.

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    February 12th-26th | 9 AM

    Led by Craig M. Casey

    Jesus talked about money a LOT more than we do. He knew that the way people wielded their wallets revealed the state of their hearts, and the things they prioritized most in life. In this class Pastor Craig will lead us through some of Jesus’ challenging words on the topic--because who doesn’t want to talk about money with their pastor!--and we will learn how to approach our money/possessions in healthy and God-honoring ways.

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    March 5th-April 9th | 9 AM

    Led by Daniel Mason and others

    This year, don’t let Lent be a chore, a downer, or a half-hearted break from chocolate! Join us as we practice Lent as a congregation together! In addition to working through a daily devotional as a church, we will be meeting on Sundays at 9am to discuss not only the meaning of Lent, but also various different spiritual disciplines--prayer, fasting, etc.--which can help deepen our spiritual lives. Lent can be an incredibly formative season for the church; don’t go it alone this year!

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    April 23rd-May 21st | 9 AM

    Led by Kristen College and others

    Easter is the climax of the church year, but in many ways it’s really only the beginning of the story. In this class we will walk through the early chapters of the book of Acts and witness the birth of the Christian Church--a wild, Spirit-driven story of God working through weak, aimless people. And since that’s still our story, we will consider how God’s Spirit might be at work--or ready to work--in the life of PCC. This class will be co-taught by Kristen College and by various members of the PCC congregation. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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