Discipleship Classes are an essential part of the life of Princeton Community Church. The goal of this ministry is to build disciples for Christ (Matthew 28:18-20) and to prepare men and women for ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13). We aim to learn and grow deeper in our knowledge of scripture and how Christian faith meets contemporary life. We also want to grow together as a church community, discipling each other and being discipled. We hope you'll join us Sunday mornings at 9am as we wrestle with what it means to follow Jesus, together.

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2018 classes


    Jan.14 - Feb.11 | Sundays | 9AM

    What good is the Church in a fast-paced, social media-saturated, consumer-based American culture that is characterized by independence, business, emotional-impulsiveness and immediate self-gratification? Do we as the Church have anything to offer such a culture? Join with us in conversation about how to be the Church in a changing culture.


    Feb.18 - Mar.25 | Sundays | 9AM

    We talk about Jesus a lot, and for good reason! But for all that talk, we can so easily lose touch with what Jesus came here to do. What is the Kingdom of God and how could it possibly intersect with our mundane day-to-day lives? What was/is Jesus' mission, and what does it mean for us? This year for Lent we are going to be using an awesome daily devotional by NT Wright to reflect on these and other questions. We will meet together weekly to discuss the devotional readings, as together we encounter a Jesus that is at once familiar and surprising, and discover his true mission and your place in it.


    Apr.8 - Apr.22 | Sundays | 9AM

    Let's face it! For those of us who are parents, we mess up all. the. time. Why in the world would God trust us with caring for children? And what do we do when things start to go badly? In this class we will look to the Bible for encouragement and guidance as we consider how God would have us raise our children. We will find a path to purpose and peace for our families and reassurance that God's grace is big enough to overcome any parent's failures or shortcomings.


    Apr.29 - May20 | Sundays | 9AM

    Have you said or heard a word so many times that it loses its meaning? If you hang around Church long enough, that will probably happen with the word "Gospel". What does that even mean? In this class, we'll get a clearer understanding of that central concept as we look at Romans, a New Testament letter that helps form the foundation for what Christians believe about God, faith, sin and salvation. Join us as we get back to basics and rediscover the meaning and power of the Gospel.

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