"This, then, is how you should pray:

“‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.’"

Matthew 6:9-13



    This ministry seeks to provide safe and comfortable environments for the ministries of PCC to fulfill their mission and vision.

    • Pray for a Building and Grounds Leader
    • Pray for wisdom in maintaining and preparing facilities for use


    The communications ministry humbly seeks prayer for direction, continued creativity and patience as we continue to navigate the challenges set before us during the pandemic.



    Plans are in place to create a Hospitality Ministry that will include the Connect Team as well as other areas associated with engaging as a community

    • Pray for Patience: that we will maintain our patience and keep this ministry in the forefront of our minds as we continue to wait for our community to meet together again
    • Pray for Guidance:  for what it will look like when we do move towards meeting together again
    • Pray for Volunteers: that God will reveal individuals who will be encouraged by the ministry and want to participate in a volunteer role, in spite of the pandemic's boundaries


    Discipleship Classes are designed to provide opportunities for people to hear and respond to the Word of God.

    • Pray for upcoming 2021 classes
    • Pray for additional people to engage in discipleship
    • Pray for leaders/teachers/facilitators


    Prayer for the Men of PCC to connect deeply to each other, to God, and to their families.





    • Pray for wisdom, discernment and courage to move forward
    • Pray for potential new LT members: Garrett Bostwick, Carole Goldstein, Doug Schoenberger
    • Pray for staff to not be discouraged and to find purpose and meaning in serving faithfully




    • Pray for God to lead us to opportunities in our local community to meet the greatest needs with our resources and time. 
    • Pray for individuals at PCC to join the Outreach/Missions Team to help plan and organize activities to meet these needs. 


    • Pray for InterVarsity leaders, especially Alyssa Bolella and Chris Loesser, who work with local college campuses.  
    • Pray that they continue to develop effective ways to reach students studying virtually, and that students accept Jesus and lives are changed.

    Church on the Block / Street Church Ministries

    • Pray that Church on the Block is able to find a larger, convenient space in Trenton to accommodate more people for weekday Bible studies, Sunday services, and provide space for other activities. 
    • Pray for Tony Palumbo, the board at Church on the Block and the volunteers in the Street Church ministry: for their safety and health as they minister to people in the heart of Trenton; for resources to help meet the needs of people in that community; for clarity of vision on how best to grow




    • Pray for the vision of PCC involvement in Honduras: Bikes, Beans and Bridges. We are seeking the Lord for an outreach in the fall with a church team. We are also looking for opportunities to buy and distribute bikes for children so that they have a means of transportation to school, using the funds raised during Christmas 2019. This may be done through Ed Lockett's ministry and when we have a team visit. 
    • Also pray that the country, and especially the Honduran church, can rebound from devastating hurricanes this past fall, and be protected from the ongoing pandemic, food insecurity, and civil unrest.


    • Pray for the ministries of Pastor Abner and Ed Lockett, in communities we have long-standing relationships including Marchasse and Petit Goave. 
    • Pray for the country and especially for the Haitian church, for stability and protection from the ongoing pandemic, food insecurity, and civil unrest.

    Ed Lockett

    • Pray for Ed, especially after a year in which he has had significant struggles with his health: That he can have fully restored health this year, be full time in Haiti and Honduras again and see his ministry grow, and experience the Lord's blessings.

    Daniel Mason

    • Pray for Daniel and his wife Missy as they prepare for mission work. Pray that God paves a way for them to be placed where they are needed the most in spite of the pandemic, and for their continued health and safety.



    • Maintain personal connections with PCCKiDS and their families while virtual
    • Find effective ways to engage kids with Bible lessons

    Moving Forward:

    • Continue to be more comprehensive in supporting families as they raise their children in the Christian faith
    • Seek & find people to invest time/talents in children’s ministry
    • Make service a more intentional part of what is taught to PCCKiDS


    The prayer team seeks to grow by welcoming anyone with the desire to pray together for PCC (people, leaders, ministries, services) and for our community, and to plan for church prayer events. We also earnestly seek the Lord to grow us as as a church body in maturity, and to go deeper in our relationship with Him, both as individuals and corporately as a church body.



    Here are some of my prayer requests as we enter into 2021 and begin the new year:

    • New leaders within the youth group
    • New students to engage with and present the gospel to
    • The spiritual growth of our current students and their love for His Word to increase. 
    • The PYC winter event on March 5th
    • Partnerships with other churches in the area to continue, and be a larger body of believers working together. 


    Small groups are designed to build community - to connect people with each other

    Pray for the small group ministry:

    • We currently have 55% of the congregation involved in small groups.  We would like God to break down the barriers that people have about joining a group and raise that to 75% in 2021.  (That God would convince people of the importance of small groups and that they do in fact have enough time!)
    • That God will raise up new leaders and hosts to accommodate this growth.
    • That God will richly bless the times that our current groups are spending on zoom – that the discussions will be fruitful, that spiritual growth will occur, and that the time spent together will be an encouragement to all.  That all who are in a small group will make their meetings a priority in spite of “zoom fatigue”.
    • That relationships in our small groups would grow deeper – that members would be “real” with one another and love one another well. That each group would serve as a primary spiritual support for group members as they navigate life.
    • That our groups would be places where members can grow in their understanding of scripture and what it means to walk with Jesus.
    • That our groups would be hotbeds of prayer.
    • That our groups would be a source of grace to their communities – outwardly focused, inviting seekers, and welcoming questions.
    • That we will build a better framework for small groups to serve together both at PCC and in our community.
    • That God will guide people to the right group for them.
    • That the Holy Spirit will give Craig and Kathy discernment as we follow God’s leading in beginning new groups and developing and supporting leaders.

    Pray for the Small Group Leaders:

    • For time, energy and strength as they serve week after week in an exhausting season.
    • For their own personal time with God – that they will be consistent about spending time with Him, worshipping Him, and actively growing closer to Him so that they can lead by example and can communicate the excitement and joy of this to their group members.
    • That they will be serious students of scripture.
    • That they will walk in accordance with the Spirit.
    • That they will be continually praying for their group members.
    • That they will confess and forsake all sin.
    • For their marriages – that God will lead them to love their spouse more deeply.
    • That they will be able to be vulnerable and humble with their group members about their spiritual successes and struggles.
    • That God will give them great skill in organizing the group and leading group discussions especially on zoom.
    • That God will give them His love for everyone who comes to their group and show them how to creatively connect with those in their group during this time of social distancing.
    • That God will give them great sensitivity, wisdom and discernment to deal with any problems that might occur in their groups.
    • That their group members will show gratitude to them for their sacrificial service.


    • Please pray that God will grow this ministry and that more of the women at PCC will become involved.  We would like to see God bring more young women, especially young moms.  Pray that God will put women in our path that we can minister to – from our church and our community.
    • Pray that this ministry will encourage women to grow closer to the Lord and to each other, and that this ministry leads to deep, significant and healthy relationships.
    • Pray that as a result of this ministry, women will be encouraged to step out in faith to serve God in new ways.
    • Pray that as a result of this ministry, women who are seeking will come to have faith in Jesus for the first time.
    • Pray for the members of our planning team (Kathy Frederich, Lisa Omsberg, Lorna Alford, Kristy Lynch, and Morganne Mundie) – that their lives with Christ will be growing and that their love for the women at PCC will become even stronger.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as we determine what the women of PCC really need.  Ask that God show us what He wants this ministry to be.
    • Pray as we plan activities for 2021.  Many of our events in 2020 were held on zoom and we are praying that during the coming year we will be able to resume meeting in person.
    • A longterm desire of the planning team is to set up a mentoring program for women at PCC.  Pray that we will be sensitive to God’s timing for this.
    • Pray that God will lead us as we pursue joining with other churches to provide spiritually solid programs for our women. 
    • Pray for our next event on Feb 13 – for our speaker, our discussion, and that those who come will have fun and be encouraged in the Lord.


    I feel like God is preparing us to worship Him in a new way. We have had to step away from our congregational worship setting so that we can adequately care for and love those around us, which is an act of worship of itself. In that absence from the church body in the traditional manner, I believe many are hungry for communal worship once more, maybe more so than before the pandemic. I know part of my duty is to see where our needs are for worship, and right now our need IS for worship. I see us breaking whatever mold we used to fit in. I see us stepping into a new way of physical and spiritual worship through music, prayer, learning, dancing, and most notably, community. 

    • To make this happen, I want to ask God for a few things. First, to open our hearts (both for the worship team and our church body) to see new ways of worship. For us to engage with God in this manner of worship will require us to set aside conventional mindsets of our self image. I will simply request that He allow us to surrender more intimately than we ever have. 
    • Second, I pray for incoming worship team members. Specifically, pray for team members who share this passion and drive for intimate and unrestricted worship.  I pray that the Father will prepare their hearts before we even speak. 
    • Third, I pray for opportunity. I pray that God will make it readily apparent for when we are to join together once again. I pray that each member of PCC returns ready and hungry for worship. Not just in the music, but that we are all eager to worship through listening to the lessons God has for us each week, through each moment we spend in prayer and praise to the Almighty.